BRETT ("The Eagle")

Co-owner of Cowabunga Surf and Sport with parents Melissa & Tom, Brett has been associated with Cowabunga for over seven years, managing the boards, providing expert lessons, and professionally running summer camp.

Originator, designer, and Managing Director of Cowabunga Surf and Water Sports Camp, Brett has a deep passion for surfing and for inspiring children and youth to build their character and their confidence in and out of the water. Brett has led and mentored children and youth for over a decade. He served as a summer camp counselor at Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, Mo. for five consecutive years, worked full time for Boosterthon Fun Run for four seasons, and currently serves as a youth leader at local churches. Born and raised within five minutes of the Atlantic shore, Brett also enjoys boating, fishing, and just about every other water-related sport.

MELISSA ("Momma J")

Melissa, co-owner of Cowabunga Surf and Sport with son Brett and husband Tom, has lived in South Florida within one mile of the Atlantic beaches all of her life.  Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, she has resided in Stuart with Tom and sons Brett, Skyler, & Connor since 1987.  Her background is in marketing, promotion and public relations, a field she has enjoyed for over 30 years, working in her own business and as a sub contractor for local marketing firms.  In December, 2012, she and her family purchased Cowabunga Surf and Sport, embarking on a new and exciting adventure!

Some of Melissa favorite things are spending time outside, hanging with her family, meeting new people, BSF, finding unusual additions for her tropical garden, and creating new and different recipes.  Her favorite foods?  Mediterranean!


A Florida native, Liz's cheerful character, high standards of ethics and responsibility, love for South Florida beaches, extensive experience supervising children, enthusiasm for team sports (especially volleyball and soccer), and a CPR certification make her a tremendous asset to the Cowabunga team. Sushi is her favorite food, but she has an everlasting love for Moe's and Chipotle!

Liz has been a much appreciated sales associate at Cowabunga Surf and Sport for over four years. She enjoys long boarding with friends, working out at the gym and has travelled throughout the US and Canada. She is very close to attaining her AA in Biology and plans to study Nursing in college so that she can serve as a cardiac nurse in a pediatrics unit.


A valued member of the Cowabunga team, DeeDee currently attends IRSC, studying business with a goal to own her own company in the future.  She was born in Costa Rica, the middle of seven siblings, and always looks forward to returning for a visit with family. She loves children, making time to babysit weekly and provide childcare regularly at her mother’s fitness studio.

Very active in a variety of sports, DeeDee’s favorites are football and the always fun but challenging workouts at ZTs Studio.  She also loves to take her dogs, Dingo and Nieve, for runs on the golf course.   The beach is a favored weekend location where she often goes with friends and family, sometimes surfing the Treasure Coast waves.  In her spare time, DeeDee relaxes in front of action-packed movies or visits ones of her favorite restaurants: Chipotle or The Melting Pot.